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Kenyans hunt for homeless saint who returned Sh200k to owner

Kenyans on Facebook are on a mission to look for a homeless man who handed over Sh200,000 that fell out of a bag to the owner.

The story was shared on popular Facebook group Buyer Beware where members have been looking for the man to reward him for his honesty.

According to the user who posted the man’s story, he was on his way to deposit his business sales when two bundles of the money fell out of the bag.


“Walked a little while and there was this dirty young man running after me, signalling me to stop. Well, I figured it was just one of the street families soliciting for funds, I ignored and continued my merry way. He didn’t stop however, he kept pursing me, at the entrance to the bank, I decided it was safer since there were 2 guards there. I stopped to listen to what he had to say, to all our amazement and utter shock, he pulled out the 2 stacks, ‘uliangusha pesa uko nyuma’,” wrote the user.

The homeless man was asked why he opted to surrender the money to which he replied, “inaeza Kuwa ni pesa ya school fees ama mtu ako mgonjwa mahali sasa siwezi chukua.”

The user went on to narrate how the man told him to first deposit the cash and by the time he came out of the bank he was gone, but not before the guards took his photo.

The homeless man has since been identified by online users as one Vincent Omondi.


Surprisingly, he has a Facebook profile under the name Vince Dancer. The profile indicates that he is an IT graduate from St Paul’s University. He once worked in a supermarket before succumbing to drug addiction.

A previous story on him aired by  NTV, after he had narrated to business news anchor Laban Cliff Onserio the story of his life, has since been revived in the form of screen-shots.

Mr Omondi’s classmates who graduated with him in 2012 confirmed his case. They have been looking for ways to get him off the streets to a rehab and later give him a job.

A Facebook group named STITCH has been following up on generating funds to help get Mr Omondi back on his feet.

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