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Kenyans LOL after US envoy Kyle McCarter gets stuck in lift

By Mary Wangari February 21st, 2020 2 min read

The US ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter got a taste of being a real Kenyan when he got trapped in an elevator for almost half an hour on Thursday.

McCarter was on his way to deliver a speech on the latest survey by Kenya Population-based HIV Impact Assessment (KENPHIA) in a function held at Afya House, Nairobi before the hiccup.

Known for his jolly manner, the ambassador instead chose to laugh at his situation taking to social media where he posted his picture together with other officials who got stuck as well.

“Believe it or not I got stuck in an elevator just before giving a speech announcing good news of HIV success in Kenya,” his post read in part.

He revealed it was the first time he was finding himself in such a situation stating that it had taught him an invaluable lesson: “To always take stairs while going to health events,’ (pun intended).

“Never happened to me before but now I have a story to tell.”

Just makes sense

“Lesson is always take the stairs at a health event. Just makes sense!” he opined. His post went viral quickly and Kenyans, just like their norm, did not hesitate to make fun out of the mishap with rib-cracking comments.

Netizens flooded McCarter’s page some comforting him for his misery while others held that the American was now a fully-fledged Kenyan after his experience.

“It’s normal sir. Ever heard of KPLC? They make the impossible possible,” wrote one Eugene Wangs. “Balozi, this is what makes Kenya magical! You are certainly a Kenyan! I know you know!” Benedict Muduvi wrote.

Others reminded the ambassador that he had not seen it all yet in Kenya. “Waaah bwana ambasador kwani unaishi kenya gani na venye stima uhepa kila time…….ngoja time token zitaisha ukioga asubui,”remarked Wanjiku.

“Pole sana bwana balozi. You have just joined the club of lift stuckers in our country. Welcome to the new world,” wrote Frank.

“Ndio ututoroke tubaki tukipambana na Jubli pekee yetu? Nah we are together in this journey,” cautioned Wachosi. Others reminded him how lucky he was to be stuck in Nairobi where there is no risk of the deadly COVID-19 virus.

“Luckily you are in Nairobi, and with no infected persons with cardiovirus in the lift!” wrote Abdi. McCarter has over time tried to fit in with Kenyans and their way of living be it speaking Swahili, sheng and interacting with locals in the slum areas such as Kibera.