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Kenyans can’t get over DP Ruto’s ‘Wakenya wanyongwe’ shocker

Kenyans online are famous for their sense of humour, even on serious matters affecting the nation.

As public outrage over the hike in fuel price continues, social media users have not spared Deputy President William Ruto for his slip of the tongue in remarks on the fuel prices furore.

Speaking on Sunday during a prayer service at the Good Shepherd Catholic Church in North Horr, Marsabit Constituency, the DP used the phrase “Wakenya wanyongwe’ (Kenyans to be strangled) instead of ‘Wakenya wanyonge’ (poor Kenyans) in his speech.

He however paused and quickly corrected the error.

He said in Kiswahili: “Najua kwamba kwa sababu ya budget, kuna lalama kuna mahali haikakaa vizuri. Mimi nataka niwaelezee wakenya kwamba kama serikali tutaketi chini ili tuelewane tuwe na mipango ya kutafuta kodi ya kuendesha maendeleo ya Kenya lakini vile vile tuhakikishe kwamba Wakenya wanyongwe… Wanyonge wasifinywe.”


Kenyans on Twitter argued that indeed the DP was aware that the high fuel prices will lead to high cost of living that will ultimately ‘strangle’ tax-burdened Kenyans.

The netizens could  not just excuse the DP’s phrase as a mere slip of the tongue.

Oliver_Amtai tweeted: “I heard Ruto yesterday saying wakenya wanyongwe in place of Wakenya wanyonge, why do I feel like he meant the former figuratively.”

Humphries Dot Young tweeted: “So in his speech yesterday, @WilliamsRuto said wakenya wanyongwe! Sawa tu.”

The Kenyan Parrot had this to say: “Wakenya Wengi Wanyongwe…………. when you accidentally say what you have been thinking about your entire life. Wengi wananyongwa na garama ya maisha na ukosefu ya nafazi za kazi.”

Simon Omondi tweeted: “Wakenya wanyongwe”…..did I hear the DP saying this? And indeed tunanyongwa, fuel prices over the roof.”

Liz H. Wachuka quipped: “did the DP just say “wakenya wanyongwe” instead of “wakenya wanyonge”? But come to think of it…. those two words are can be quite tricky especially coming from him.”

However, one Speaker HARRISON Kamwana™ defended the DP. He said: “Shame on you for spreading malicious information. @WilliamsRuto meant wakenya wengine wanyonge NOT wanyongwe.”

The phrase continues to trend.