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Kenyans mercilessly diss Jimal Rohosafi after Amber Ray’s engagement

By Winnie Mabel October 28th, 2022 2 min read

On October 27, 2022, Jimal Marlow Rohosafi posted a photo of himself on Instagram and captioned it, “If you are not lucky with love, chase money. Don’t be a loser on both sides.”

Amberray and Kennedy Rapudo
Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo at the Kamba introduction ceremony

His post came hours after his infamous ex-mistress, Amber Ray- born Faith Makau- was officially introduced to the family of her current boyfriend, Kennedy Rapudo, and given a ring during the ceremony.

Kenyans on Instagram were quick to link Jimal’s self-reflection post to Amber Ray’s new love affair; and endlessly dissed him for becoming a motivational speaker in the wake of the end of their highly publicized, illicit affair.

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Jimal Mohammed aka Roho Safi (right) and his estranged wife Amira. PHOTOS | COURTESY

This relationship played out on social media as the two disrespected his wife, Amira, and Amber bragged about how she would never leave Jimal and even went ahead to get pregnant for him. Unfortunately, the pregnancy ended in miscarriage.

Amira, now estranged from her husband, left the two to their actions and carried on with her life only for Jimal to return months later to ask her to forgive him for cheating on her with Amber.

Amira refused, and Jimal began posting comments on social media believed to be subtle shade being thrown at his wife.

“Motivational speaker…Bibi alienda, side hen ameolewa pia. Saa utadu?” Lilian Gerthony trolled Jimal.

“Nimekumbuka ile picha yako ya harusi na Amber,” Nairobi Sheesha Bongs laughed at Jimal.

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“Go and reconcile with your wife big bro…sasa ulimfanya madharau, tena bado unamuonyesha Wangari,” said  Mchemunda Hadija.

“Yani alikuharibia alafu sasa yeye ndio akaenda officially? Aki life wewe,” laughed Mghoi.

“The love of your life ameenda ukiona tu,” added Macs.

“You were lucky with love but you destroyed it,” said  Wairimuy 3301.

“Mapenzi yamekuchanganya. You thought she lost ona sasa amepata anayempenda na akaolewa tu hivyo,” said Sheekow Xrista.

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“Now you understand the grass is greener where you water it,” sadly said The Girl with Scarf.

“Usitumotivate sana. Wacha tujisukume tutafute shilling itununulie mapenzi,” added Kalekye.

“Inauma, inauma lakini utazoea- in Amber’s voice,” said Miss Ngumbao.

“The woman who helped you destroy your home got married yesterday…I thought you should know,” Diana reminded Jimal.

“Mtakaa yote hukosa yote. Ona vile ex side hen wako is happy. Hata usimpost. Delete her contacts. We are happy for her,” Owino Beril Otieno laughed at Jimal.

“Maembe ni ya msimu motivational speaker,” said Smiliosis1 and added several mad laughter emojis.

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