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This is Kenyans’ message to Cuban doctors

Kenyans online have welcomed Cuban doctors who arrived in the country on Tuesday night.

The first batch of 50 out of 100 Cuban doctors arrived aboard a KLM flight, with the second batch expected to land on Thursday.

The medics will undergo training at the Kenya School of Government where they will be inducted into the local healthcare system before deployment to several counties.

Kenyans online had lots of messages for the Cuban doctors. Some urged them to share their expertise with Kenyan doctors, while others warned them that the health care system in the country will frustrate their efforts.

@MuasaJoseph tweeted; “Welcome to Kenya and share your experience. Give us dignified service in our hospitals.”

@mike_mwema added; “Karibuni Sana Kenya. However, be quick to learn vernacular in the counties to be effective.”

@Rkariuki wrote; “Welcome to hell….you will scamper back home very fast in a month or two.”

@RiobaPhilip retorted; “We don’t need you as a matter of fact we have many unemployed doctors and or clinical officers who can perform the same duty.”

@RCS_Eng stated; “Hope you came with medical supplies, equipment, extra support staff and facilities.”

@krazygb tweeted; “Your work is cut out…Stress coz of insecurity. Blood pressure coz of traffic. Spinal torsion coz of bad roads. Chest infection coz of garbage. Malnutrition coz of corruption. Mental Apathy coz of Nigerian soaps. Not to mention dengue fever rift valley fever malaria etc.”

@YoungLowrenz added; “Wait until all the nurses go on strike…you’ll import Indian nurses.”

@Amon_Viejo stated; “Here’s the positive part, they won’t open private chemists to sell drugs allocated to public hospitals and meant to be given for free. It’s a win win for the common mwananchi.”