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Kenyans online share their misgivings with young school girl’s poem on boy child

A young school girl’s spirited effort to champion the boy child’s right in the form of a poem has gone viral, with many Kenyans online of the view that it’s in bad taste.

In a video, which has been widely shared on social media, the little girl is seen presenting the poem in defence of the boy child to a seemingly amused audience which applauds her recitation.

But that was not the case when the video was shared online.

A number of Kenyans online have lashed out at the girl’s teachers for composing a poem that seems to imply, among other things, that women need men ‘to be complete’.

Here is how her poem went:

I am a girl, I stand here to support boy child,

Boy child is in danger if I don’t support him, who will marry me?

Is it a girl child, no, that one can never happen,

And so I defend my Adam since I came from his ribs.

I am a female and cannot be complete without a male,

And so boy child I will always be there for you.

The poem’s message has cut through Kenyans who commented on the video calling for teachers to stop putting marriage ideas in young girl’s heads.

“I am a big supporter of boy shudrens considering all mine are boys but hapo pa ‘I am a female and cannot be complete with a male’ ndio pamestoppisha reggae,” one commented.

“Eish! That is BOLD… why am I squirming? Is it because she is too young to be saying such things?? LOL,” another user said.

“‘I am a female and I cannot be complete without a male’ Hapo tu ndio hiyo poem imeharibika,” yet another user commented.