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Kenyans narrate encounters with undercover cops that shocked them

By Winnie Mabel December 23rd, 2022 2 min read

A Kenyan on Twitter has opened the flood gates of narrations from fellow Kenyans of unsettling encounters with undercover police officers.

The tweep narrated how her friend’s family once hired a farmhand who turned out to be an undercover police officer.

“My friend’s grandparents employed a farmhand who turned out to be CID undercover investigating a murder in the neighborhood… Man stayed there for 12 months, working livestock, digging those big holes for planting bananas… apparently it’s the best farmhand they’ve ever had… He was able to get the suspect to confess…,” the tweep wrote.

Other Kenyans online joined in with their own encounters with undercover police officers. Nairobi News sampled a few:

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“There is another one the husband disappeared. Some investigations were done but nothing was found. An undercover cop became a farm hand and in no time, he had seduced the man’s wife and they started living together as lovers. One day the undercover asked her what they would do if her husband turned up and discovered them and the wife told him to relax because she had buried the man in the bedroom…. Kamiti (prison).” – Banice Mureithi.

“Here in Githurai, there was a guy who used to walk around selling rat poison and traps… There is a day he accidentally dropped his police cuffs at the base where khat is sold, everyone swallowed the miraa they were chewing.” – Jay Kimari.

“When I lived in Kahawa West, there was a guy who was literally a street urchin. Man would turn up, collect plastics like everyone else but there was a gang he was keeping tab on. They were used to stealing from people along the railway line. One day we just heard they were all dead.”  – Frank Sinatra.

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“There’s a time a cobbler showed up in my neighbourhood. He used to come, fix shoes the entire day and no one knew him for a few weeks. Turned out he was investigating a local motorcycle gang. They were all killed and the cobbler was part of the hit squad.” – Kenny Karani.

“In our high school, one Kisii guy came in as a new teacher… zero characteristics of a teacher. After like three months, our Principal was arrested for graft including selling our new school bus before it was delivered, unpaid suppliers and diverting fees to a personal account. Then he left!” – Spanner Boy.

“I lived in a hostel with a swimming instructor who worked at NTTI. He would come home very late. Cheerful guy, would buy as khat/drinks. One week, about nine thugs were killed in Pangani/Ngara area. One day, he told me he is moving from the hostel and told me to go into his room and take anything I wanted including his clothes. That was when he told me he is a cop.” – Damon Alleki.

“My long time high school friend visited me in the village, it was a happy moment and we made a lot of stories, laughed about our life back in school… He then asked me to show him where a certain older man who was my neighbour lived, of which I gladly did. That is where I saw my friend remove cuffs and a pistol from his jacket.” – Henry Atemi.

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