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Kenyans notice Baba Mona’s family embrace ‘first wife’ over fiancée

17 days after the tragic death of Baba Mona (born Kevin Oselu), his young daughter Mona and his two sisters, the biological mother of Mona, Cecilia, was finally traced by digital content creators at the rural home of the late Oselu’s father.

Her appearance occurred in the wake of continued public debate and curiosity over where Mama Mona was because for years, it had been Kevin and Mona who became sensational TikTokers without her ever making an appearance.

Instead, it was Baba Mona’s girlfriend turned fiancée, Nancy Sunday who featured in some of Baba Mona’s videos.

As the nation mourned the death of one of its favorite online influencers and his child believed to be between ages three and four, many speculated about the absence of Cecilia as some claimed she had opted to leave her child and go abroad for greener pastures. Motivational speaker and TikToker Sam Vidambu traced the late Baba Mona’s father and Cecilia and spoke to them regarding the harsh online criticism of Cecilia and the debate surrounding the death of his three children and grandchild.

“Everybody knows that I lost four of my family- Kevo, Belinda, Connie and baby Mona. There was a lot of things going around that mama Mona is not around, that she is in Rwanda, Tanzania or the US. I have mama Mona here and I was not happy when I lost my family and people are talking rubbish that mama Mona is no longer…I want everybody to know mama Mona. We are with mama Mona here and we are mourning our family. The mother (Cecilia) is very weak. Even the mama is not feeling very well right now. She can’t even talk so if you are talking, talk on something you know which can’t kill somebody because we lost the family and please don’t just post anything,” said Thomas Nyangweso , Baba Mona’s father.

Mama Mona introduced herself, saying she was the biological mother of the late Mona and she wasn’t very much of a social media user- and clarified that she hadn’t died or disappeared as many harsh online critics claimed. She said she was currently at the homestead of Baba Mona and there was no one else who could claim to be the late Mona’s mother.

Conspicuously absent in the video interview held yesterday and around the late Baba Mona’s family was his fiancée, Nancy Sunday. Her name did not come up in the conversation and this caused a section of Kenyans to note that the late Baba Mona’s family chose to stand by Cecilia even though she and Kevin had separated.

“Nimejifunza kitu (I have learnt something)… Nobody will replace first wife no matter what comes around..May God bless and guide everyone reading my comment.. pole family,” said Chebukati.

“In Luo land you will never ever replace first wife…Now she is the one the whole family knows,” added Joynnaa.

“Kuna kitu inaitwa (there is something called) Goat wife weeeeee. Fiancée we have a long way to go. ona sasa (now see) who’s recognized,” opined Dynasty.

“Lesson no1. Msidate saaanaaa… Kama ako na nia nzuri na wewe akupeleke kwao ujulikane mapema juu ya kesho ni mengi(Don’t date too seriously…if he has good intentions with you, let him take you to his family so that you are known early because tomorrow holds so much in store),” added another user.

Nancy Sunday is a medical practitioner residing in the United States of America. Baba Mona and his family died days after she left Kenya having spent a long vacation in the country. She mourned her fiancé online saying, “Umenimaliza rafiki yangu. May you all rest in peace, my family (you have drained me my friend).”

Baba Mona, his daughter and his sisters are set to be buried on March 18, 2023.

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