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Kenyans online in shock after Tanzania police impound “miraa” car

Kenyans on social media have expressed their shock after police in Tanzania launched a manhunt for suspects linked to a vehicle that was impounded with khat, popularly known locally as miraa.

Khat, scientifically known as Catha Edulis, is a plant grown commonly in the horn of Africa and locally in Meru region and is mainly chewed as a stimulant.

It is legal to cultivate and chew miraa in Kenya but it is seemingly not the same case in neighbouring Tanzania.

So much so that Azam TV recently aired a news item showing police impounding a vehicle which was found ferrying sacks of khat.



GARI LILILOBEBA KILO 320 ZA MIRUNGI LAKAMATWA ARUSHA: Jeshi la polisi mkoani Kilimanjaro limefanikiwa kukamata kilo 320 za dawa za kulevya aina ya mirungi zilizokuwa zikisafirishwa kutoka nchi jirani ya Kenya kuelekea mkoani Arusha.

Posted by Azam TV on Monday, January 28, 2019

The two-minute clip starts with a man dressed casually narrating how Tanzanian Police had chased the vehicle and impounded it and on conducting a search discovered the substance that is illegal in Tanzania.

“This black car, registration number T308DMS, was driven in a reckless manner, our policemen tried to stop it, and the driver resisted the order and tried to flee, our officers pursued it and the driver managed to escape. We have launched a manhunt for the owner of the car,” said the police officer.

The clip also displayed the impounded sacks of miraa, to the disbelief of Kenyans on social media.

“One man’s meat is another man’s poison,” posted Moses Khamadi.

“The meaning of kilo ya veve is totally lost on him,” added Julius Gikonyo

“Kwanza Warudishe hizo gunia zetu (please let them return those gunny bags,’ said Doughlas Juma

“Hiyo ni miraa karao anashika na gloves (Why is the officer using gloves to handle miraa?” posed Emmanuel Njuguna.