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Kenyans online share their thoughts on withdrawal of Sonko child support case

Kenyans online have reacted to the withdrawal of a child support case against former Nairobi governor, Mike Sonko, after the woman who filed the lawsuit said the allegations were false.

In a statement, the woman claimed that she was promised a huge sum of money to taint Sonko’s name.

The woman told the children’s court in Ngong that the allegations were false and that she had been hired to do the same. She says she had been promised Sh1 million to lie about the politician and file the case in court.

In her court papers, the woman narrates that she was approached by two women from Mombasa county who promised her the amount in a bid to taint Mr Sonko’s name. She was paid a sum of Sh240,000 in the first instant.

On Twitter, one user hailed praised the former Nairobi governor saying that God will continue blessing him for his humility and kindness.

Another user said God will continue to fight Sonko’s battle no matter what his enemies plan against him.

“Just forgive her. Our good God will fight for you and will soon vindicate you,” said Kibet Kosgei.

Sonko, on the other hand, said that he cannot refuse to take care of any child out there whether his or not. He also said that the woman’s claim was planned by his political enemies.

“I don’t think I can refuse to take care of any kid out there whether mine or not. I knew this was just planned by my political enemies, but from the bottom of my heart I forgive them. I’ve also just forgiven this lady. They used her to taint my name but I wish her well in her endeavors,” Sonko said.

In the suit, the woman wanted the court to compel Mr Sonko to pay her a monthly upkeep of Sh448,450, being support for the minor to cater for food and shopping, rent, security, clothing, house help, entertainment, medical cover, education, transport and utilities.

She also wanted Mr Sonko compelled to pay school fees of Sh86,000 and another Sh30,450 to cater for school related expenses and uniform, provide medical cover and upkeep for the minor. Additionally, she sought orders compelling Mr Sonko to clear the outstanding school fees balance of Sh37,000.

The woman said the minor was a form two student and had not reported back to school since the schools reopened on April 26, 2022. She said Mr Sonko had failed and neglected to provide for the child’s basic necessities such as education, good health, food, clothing, shelter, entertainment and medication.