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Thank God for Bungoma County! Kenyans praise High Court ruling on fuel products tax

Kenyans can’t help singing praises for the High Court in Bungoma County for issuing temporary orders stopping the new 16 per cent Value Added Tax on petroleum products.

On Thursday, Justice Stephen Riech from Bungoma High Court issued the orders after a group of youths from the county sued the National Treasury Cabinet Secretary for effecting the new levy.

The case will be mentioned on September 12.

The new tax has triggered a boycott by some oil marketers, resulting in fuel shortage across the country.

Kenyans have been lamenting on their frustrations ever since the new fuel prices were effected.

But the order issued by the Bungoma High Court has given hope to an entire nation.

This is what Kenyans on Twitter had to say:

@ElijahOkemwa tweeted, “The high court in Bungoma has done a good thing. All Kenyans must salute Hon judge Stephen Riechi. Good job sir for suspending this 16%VAT tax on fuel.”

@nickkirinya said, “High court in Bungoma does it for Kenyans.”

@SamwelOumaRand commented, “Surely am heading to Bungoma where a high court has its own principle.”

@kamau07 wrote, “That group of youth deserves accolades.”

@BenjyAshuma said, “Must be the posho mills!”

@elijah1334 said, “On a serious note though, Bungoma high court has done justice to Kenyans. Some slaying judges in Nairobi would have declined to issue barring orders to the implementation of this bill. Now you know. Devolution is the only saviour. Thanks Bungoma. Somebody to name the Hon judge.”

@ssmutoro wrote, “Very proud of the Bungoma County youth group which saved Kenyans from the madness of exorbitant 16% VAT. The group should count on my support in their future endeavours.”

@tuwei_felix commented, “Do not Joke with Bungoma youths on matters relating to ugali..Thank you for your continual struggle.”

@jmwanyiker said, “Bungoma needs to be the new Kenya.”