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Kenyans question Consolata School’s silence over pupil’s abusive viral videos

By Sylvania Ambani September 19th, 2019 2 min read

The Consolata School in Nairobi has remained silent even after being on the spotlight when a video of one of its pupil spewing adult-rated slurs at a school mate went viral.

The Class Seven pupil left Kenyan’s shocked on Sunday, and has since been a hot topic of discussion among netizens.


In addition to the insults, the boy went on to issue threats to the said school mate, whom he kept on referring to as Nikita.

The pupil in question later pulled down the controversial video and put up an apology video.

However, on Tuesday he uploaded another video this time round in the company of another boy, whom he identified as his cousin.

The two minors spewed even worse obscenities.

Efforts by Nairobi News on Wednesday to speak to the school principal were futile as our phone calls were received by a secretary who said the principal was in a lengthy meeting and she is not aware of how long the meeting is going to take.

On Twitter, Kenyans have expressed their disappointment and anger by school’s decision to not issue a public statement on the matter.


“Consolata School should act. This is one rotten egg. Where is the parent since all this started?” asked @Traybest.

“The Guidance & Counselling Department of the Consolata Academy is either VERY WEAK or NOT FUNCTIONING at all. This #consolatakid is exposing something vital. Students who come from Schools with strong Guidance & Counselling Department are always morally upright,” said @rambezweche.

“Weh, Consolata School should address this… I’m being tagged in too many memes for being an alumni,” wrote @chris.

“I have a road trip. I feel like walking to #Consolata school with all these questions and cast out the demons in those children. (If there are any) Aki,” commented @dnahinga.

“Just watched the video of the Consolata boy in Nairobi and I can’t even… So terribly sad. So much anger in one so young. Poor kid has no idea how much harm that video has done, to him, his family and his victim’s family. All kids involved should get help & leave that school,” tweeted @StellaKanyike.

“Having watched the #consolata diss tracks and the comeback. I’m convinced that the problem is not at home but the school. That’s four kids in just two videos. Common denominator Consolata school,” replied @AceNjoros.


Kenyans question Consolata School’s silence over pupil’s abusive viral videos