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Kenyans ranked the most generous people in Africa

By Amina Wako October 16th, 2019 1 min read

Kenyans have been ranked as the most generous people in Africa in a research released by Charities Aid Foundation(CAF).

World Giving Index was conducted among 125 countries across the world with Kenyans being ranked 11th globally.

The index shows that over the last decade, Indonesia and Kenya are the most improved countries overall, having increased their Index score by an average of 19 points each.

According the World Giving Index 2018, in Kenya, more than half of people donated money to charity compared to less than a third in the 2010 edition.

The most generous country in the world over a decade of CAF World Giving Index is the United States of America.

The research looked at three aspects of giving behaviors, helping a stranger, donating money and volunteering.

Helping a stranger is the most commonly performed giving behaviour across the world with 48.3% having done so across the 10 years of the World Giving Index.

More than two and a half billion people have helped a stranger in the last decade.

The index also shows that people from Myanmar are the most likely in the world to have donated money to charity.

The country has frequently held the top spot for donating money, but as its political and social crisis has deepened in recent years, the number of people there who donated money has dropped significantly, particularly amongst those aged under 50.

Sri Lanka has the highest rate of volunteering in the world. Each year an average of around seven million people volunteered their time, nearly half of those aged over 15 in the country.