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Kenyans rate Ruto’s first 100 days in office

By Wangu Kanuri December 28th, 2022 2 min read

Majority of Kenyans living in the rural areas participated in the poll that rated President William Ruto 100 days in office compared to those living in urban areas.

According to a report released by Infotrak, Kenyans rated President Ruto at 52.8 per cent or a C in terms of his input in his first 100 days in office.

Additionally, Kenyans felt that Dr Ruto rated the highest on matters foreign affairs at 62 per cent thanks to him promoting good relations with regional and international countries.

His score card showed that the first time President scooped a 54.3 per cent in governance, 51.3 in social, 51.1 in infrastructure development and 45.2 in economy.

“Reduction of prices of key commodities such as fuel and Unga and support to Micro small and Medium business(SMEs),” were the pointers that saw him rate poorly under the economy sector.

Additionally a sample of 840 respondents aged over 18 years rated Dr Ruto economical growth in his 100 days with a D and graded him according to his financial inclusion paradigm through the establishment of Sh50 Billion Hustlers Fund, allocation of additional funds to county governments to support selected economic activities, increasing the collection of taxes through use technology, improving the lives of low income earners, lowering the cost of living and making food affordable and accessible to Kenyans.

“62 per cent of citizens felt that President Ruto had not lowered the cost of living and made food affordable and accessible,” read part of the report.

While campaigning President Ruto said that within 100 days the price of Unga would have gone down but while commissioning a housing project on October 25, 2022, the Head of State told Kenyans that he would need a whole year to bring down the price of flour.

“The (Unga) prices went up because of the mess created by the former government but I will resolve that in the next year. We’ve started the process by giving farmers 1.4 million bags of subsidized fertilizer,” he said.

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