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Kenyans react hilariously to Jehova Wanyonyi’s ‘death’

By Mercy Njoki August 10th, 2015 1 min read

As always, Kenyans will have their way of receiving news or whatever looks like it.

When local administrators confirmed to a local newspaper that the self-proclaimed god had died and a burial permit issued in July, all manner of jokes flooded social media.

As expected, Kenyans displayed their creativity to describe the situation and most importantly send the news home in style.

On Twitter, @Rahman Nanam posted; “Finally jehova Wanyonyi has gone to be with himself. His followers loved him but he loved himself more. The created can never be the Creator”

@SirAlex posted “Saa mazishi ya Jehova Wanyonyi watasema….”Papa we loved you but you loved yourself most” hahahaha”

@rchie went on “Jehova Wanyonyi is not dead. He just returned to himself”

Others went on to create graphic pictures of Jehovah Wanyonyi resurrecting in a coffin saying, “Surprise, msiniambie hamjapika chai

@Kenyan_Freeman posted “Wafuasi are now free to sin lmao”

“So begins the long wait for Jehova Wanyonyi to resurrect” @Owaahh tweeted

It is not clear whether Wanyonyi is dead or when he will be buried. However, his followers insist that their god is alive and will join them soon.

Wanyoke James posted on facebook , “Jehova WANYONYI IS DEAD;-) HE MUST BE jehova Kubaff….None is Like Our ever Lasting JEHOVA..” (sic)