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Kenyans react to Kabogo’s ‘tangatanga’ jibe on Ruto

Kenyans online have deconstructed the ‘tangatanga’ jibe by former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo on Deputy President William Ruto.

Kabogo on Monday tweeted that he had gone to ‘tangatanga’ in the DP’s Karen office.

President Kenyatta first used the ‘tangatanga’ phrase while telling Eastlands residents to alert his deputy if any roads contractor does a bad job.

The statement was given all sorts of interpretations with most arguing that it was in bad taste.

Kabogo’s photo on Monday, shared by State House Digital Director Dennis Itumbi, resurrected talks around the 2022 presidential campaigns and political alignments.

“Saa hii ni wakati wa kazi si siasa as my president said,” a user commented.

Another noted; “Something cooking.”

“Smiles not Genuine…ukiona mtu akismile pale kwa macho kunajikuja hiyo smile sio genuine,” a user claimed.

“I believe in you, am your fan number one hope you won’t be pocketed by this guy. Last time I watched you on Citizen TV you were very sober n you articulated your points very well. Make peace with him but don’t come telling us to vote for him. Good day as you tangatanga,” another added.

“Kabogo ameingia team TangaTanga movement to state house 2018,” a user commented.

“Amerandaranda na kumangamanga vichochoro zote akamaliza?” another wondered.

“You have to align with the winning team,” wrote another user.