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Kenyans react to reduced unga prices

The government might have issued a directive to lower the price of maize flour but Kenyans are questioning the intentions behind the order.

According to some the directive seems suspect especially with the General Elections only three weeks away which also happens to be the duration of time stipulated by the government on the reduced prices.

In a statement issued by the government, the price of a 2kg packet of maize flour, which had shot to an all-time high of Sh200, will now retail at Sh100.

The decision to subsidize the prices was reached following consultation with the National Treasury, Cereal Millers Association, and Grain Mill Owners Association.

Earlier, the government blamed the Covid-19 effects and the Russia-Ukraine war as the cause of the price surge.

The price of maize flour has aroused debate in the country with political leaders pointing fingers at each other over the issue.

Online, this what Kenyans had this to say:

“100 Bob for Unga until after the elections is just bribing and taking the poor for a ride. Shame!” @GabrielDolan1 said.

“A society ruled through ugali in this century must be under the hands of stone age ancestors,” @Aristoplatonic2.

“Indeed! Politicising food inadequacy/ cost of living by the rich political class is a low desperation for power!” @Renegad tweeted.

“So the price of Unga has come down or is it coming down? Tell me something guys: has the war in Ukraine (the cause of high Unga prices, we were told) ended? Government Project Raila is driven by political geniuses! Dear voters,” @ekisiangani said.