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Kenyans react to video of man filmed washing fruits with filthy trench water

By Keshi Ndirangu December 13th, 2019 1 min read

Netizens have been left dumbstruck after a video emerged online showing a man washing fruits with filthy water inside a trench along a busy road in Nairobi.

The undated video, which went viral on social media on Wednesday, shows the man busy washing the fruits as pedestrians walk by.

What is even startling is that after washing his fruits ‘clean’ and carefully placing them by the roadside, the man then proceeds to wash his feet and sandals with the very same trench water.

The video has left some Kenyans scandalized on realizing that they had at some point bought fruits along the same road and eaten them without washing them.

There are those who insist the man is a hawker and he has in the past been seen washing vegetables and fruits in dirty trenches along city roads.

Others dismissed him as either a street boy or a mad man.

“I think ni street boy nizake zakukula sio za kuuza, wacha kuharibia hawkers soko,” Saloome SOSO commented.

“Hadi nyi watu wote hamwoni huyo ni chokosh hawa digital,” KT 9 said.

“I should be dead by now,” Great Ngugi commented.

“Jesus… No wonder people are ill left right and center,” said terry trizah.

“Kwani hata mwenyewe haoni aibu? Anaona amepata maji ya free?????,ndio sababu magonjwa hazitapungua pthooo ??,” Esty 1248 wrote.

“Maybe water rationing currently being experienced in many parts of the city has forced the man to do so,” Festus Chuma commented.