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Kenyans react to video of Milly Chebby gyrating on Bahati

Content Creator Milly Chebby and singer Bahati have stirred mixed reactions online after a video of the two public figures dancing sensually surfaced.

In the video seen by Nairobi News, Bahati is seen holding Milly’s waist up close while she bends over to gyrate (dance in a wild or suggestive manner) for the singer as their partners stood on the sidelines cheering them on.

Furthermore, Bahati’s rapper wife Diana Marua aka Diana B is seen taking a video of Milly grinding on her husband.

The video, which has since gone viral has left many Kenyans shocked, yet others amused as the celebrity couples showcase how comfortable they are with each other. The clip, however, was taken last year during Diana Bahati’s birthday.

Here are some reactions to the video.

Eddiebutita; Mtu anaweza fikiria Diana anarecord for fun, that is what we call Video evidence😂😂

Iam_marwa; Looks like they do “groupies” , lol let them live

Mugambiiii; Ningekuwa Terence ningekuwa nishajitetea kwa Diana ainame pia😂

Patomazare; 😢😢aty hawa ni role model wa mtu pahali, aty ooh I really admire their marriage

Nairobian_teen_ke; 😂😂Sasa kama bibi yake akona mimba hawezi inama si apewe😂😂😂

Missymkabete; If this marriage I rather stay single 😮

They adore.waithira; Lakini its never that serious😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Last year still, Diana confessed to having considered breaking up with her husband Bahati after a section of netizens trolled her for being older than her man. 

Recalling the difficult times in their relationship during an interview with ‘SimuliziNaSauti’, Diana admitted that after her relationship with Bahati became public, critics camped on her social media trolling her for dating a man three years younger than her.

Being new to the attention she was getting, Diana confessed that she considered breaking up with Bahati so that people could stop talking about her.

However, according to the mother of three, her husband’s love and assurance, despite what people were saying, gave her strength to continue fighting for their love.

The couple recently announced the gender of their third child together, which they revealed is a girl. 

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