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How Kenyans reacted to treason threat on Raila’s swearing-in

Attorney-General Githu Muigai on Tuesday warned Nasa’s Raila Odinga with the threat of treason charges if he is sworn in next week as the ‘people’s president’.

Prof Muigai, the chief legal adviser to the government, on Thursday said swearing-in Mr Odinga slated for December 12 would be an illegality attracting charges of treason, whose sentence is death.

The AG’s warning came hours after Mr Odinga told off the US and other western powers that have advised against the oath plan.

Prof Muigai’s announcement drew mixed reactions on social media, with Nasa supporters calling him names.

Lawyer @DonaldBKipkorir wrote; “With most tremendous deference to my friend & teacher, AG Githu Muigai, his interpretation of intended “swearing” of Raila Odinga is lazy, incoherent, false & court jestering ..Treason is when one plans to incapacitate the President or to remove him contrary to the Constitution.”

@MuthokaTito tweeted; “TREASON my FOOT!! #RailaAtCityMortuary #Wakiapisha.”

@DOPsRant added; “#WalkTheTalk When are you charging/Prosecuting/Jailing #CorruptionKE masterminds with Treason? It’s Economic Sabotage! #TaxPayerKE are Looted and #EconomyKE suffers!”

@AbednegoAinga added; “Very much prepared for the swearing of the dully elected President of the Republic of Kenya, and if that’s treason then let them judge all of us.”

@MirikauFredrick wrote; “Dear AG Githu Muigai, TREASON is arresting Hon Raila Odinga. It is HIGHLY punishable. More treason is reading the constitution UPSIDE DOWN. It is HIGHLY regrettable.”

@sebmack wondered; “Aiya. You really want to threaten trial and execution of a former PM loved by half of Kenya? A swearing in weakens NRM moral authority, but empty threats weaken your judicial authority. Where is leadership in Kenya?”

@debbiekerrypet tweeted; “The only treason I know of is having a president I never voted for????lmfao!!!!!!!”

@justoh36 wrote; “Busybodies have until 12th to arrest him otherwise we the people are determined to swear him in mpende msipende. Arresting him will not validate Uhuru’s legitimacy.”