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Kenyans refuse to leave war-torn Ukraine

The Kenyan government says four Kenyan students based in Ukraine have refused to be evacuated.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a statement, said that the four sited “personal reasons” for refusing to leave the country that is at war with Russia.

“Total four (4) Kenyans have shown no interest of leaving Ukraine citing personal reasons,” the statement read in part.

MoF said that a total of 79 other Kenyans have been evacuated from Ukraine, and that all the registered Kenyans who were in Ukraine are safe.

The statement comes after Kenya’s government negotiated unrestricted entry for Kenyans into neighboring EU countries.

74 Kenyan students had crossed into Poland as of February 28, with four more in Romania and Hungary.

According to the Ministry, those in Poland were in Warsaw, Krakovets, and Katowice, while one student has already returned to the country.

The Ministry revealed that a Whatsapp page ‘Kenya Evacuation’ was created on February 24 and joined by approximately 100 Kenyan students.

“Members of this group include members of the Kenyan diplomatic corps in various neighboring countries, officials from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nairobi, and student leaders. The objective is to ensure quick communication to handle unprecedented situation in Ukraine,” a statement from the Ministry added.

“Kenya’s Honorary Consul in Kiev is coordinating the evacuation of Kenyans. Kenyans who are still stranded are encourage to contact our Honorary Consul on +38 044 229 79 13 or on email at”

On Friday, Kwale Woman Representative Zulekha Hassan had requested a statement from the Foreign Affairs office, in regard to measures being taken to bring back Kenyans caught up in the Russian-Ukraine conflict.

Hassan explained that a number of Kenyans studying and working in Ukraine had been trapped there, saying there is an urgent need to intervene due to the unfolding humanitarian crisis.

Ukrainian Residents in Kenya also protested Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Embassy in Kenya said it was organizing the necessary permits for a major protest this coming Sunday for Ukrainians.