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Kenyans retort at Magoha’s school-reopening directive

Parents are questioning the practicability of Education CS George Magoha’s new directive capping the number of learners per classroom when schools reopen from September.

CS Magoha, on Wednesday, said that each classroom will be allowed to have between 15 and 20 learners per classroom.

This is meant to ensure that the physical and social distancing rule is observed.

In addition to this, he said that the government will issue at least two face masks to every pupil.

However, it is the idea that only a maximum of 20 pupils in a classroom that has Kenyans concerned.

On average a classroom in a public school has more than 45 pupils.

Kenyans are, therefore, wondering what would happen to the rest of learners since they all cannot be allowed back in the same classroom.

CS Magoha has in the past said that although plans are underway to allow for schools to reopen, this will be done under the strict supervision of how the Covid-19 situation progresses in the country.

Below is what Kenyans had to say: