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Kenyans sceptical about Rotich’s Sh3.02 trillion budget

Treasury Secretary Henry Rotich is expected to read the 2019/2020 budget on Thursday and Kenyans are already holding their breaths on what to expect.

The Sh3.02 trillion budget is the biggest the country has ever, but it is already facing a Sh607 billion deficit following missed targets by the Kenya Revenue Authority.

Speaking at Treasury building, Mr Rotich said Kenyans do not have to worry because the government is borrowing in a sustainable manner.

“As long as the government was not using the borrowed money to fund recurrent expenditure, then there should be no fear of default,” says Mr Rotich.

Kenyans on Twitter were sceptical  over the rising cost of living.

“Please enlighten me as unemployed Kenyan I am, do we real need 3trillion budget?” asked @bosirenash.

“The government is good at saying agriculture is the backbone of Kenyan economy but during it’s planning the governance is given top priority. no wonder the 100 note represents agriculture while 1000 represents Governance,” said @Joseph.

“Kenya is a great nation; we have all it takes to prosper but we mustn’t bite more than we can chew lest we choke as we currently are,” wrote @Chromosome.

“So basically no improvement in the cost of living right?” asked @paxo.

“#BudgetKe2019 This has lost meaning, sometimes back it used to be a big thing,” commented @kbarakak.

“Eliminating budget deficit by increasing taxes depicts how flummoxed you are. We need to go back to a recession and come up. The economics voodoo will destroy this nation,” stated Allan Lumumba.

“Any budget worth mentioning is one that seeks to increase household’s disposal income through low cost of living. The social welfare approach policing where the government wants to appear like they can offer free health care, free education and other vital services is untenable Rotich ought to change tact or go down history as the worst CS treasury ever was,” responded Vickery Omwandho.

“Debt….not again I’m tired of this song… Can’t we budget for what we can afford to fund? We can’t do everything at once….very sad indeed,” said Baba Hernandez Clemo Mutua.

“Hii hand bag yako yatuumiza sana kama wakenya,” wrote Philips Sasaka.

“What is the use of a red carpet during budget