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Watch Kenyans scramble to buy cheap unga at a supermarket – VIDEO

A shocking video has surfaced online capturing Kenyan shoppers scrambling to purchase packets of the subsidised maize flour in a supermarket, a scene that best highlights the country’s food crisis.

The undated amateur clip starts by showing dozens of shoppers eagerly surrounding a member of the supermarket’s staff who is pushing a large trolley loaded with maize flour bundles.

But even before the staff can offload the flour onto the shelves, the impatient shoppers take matters into their hands and grab packets of the precious commodity.

Despite pleas of “mbili” “mbili, “kila mtu apate” (purchase only two packets so that every shopper can get) from someone believed to be the supervisor, the shoppers tear through the bundle and are seen carrying away as many maize flour packets as they can.

The government recently struck a deal with maize millers to subsidise maize flour to tame the shortage of maize in the country. The price of a two kilogramme packet was capped at Sh90.