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Why Kenyans are sending this chilling bible verse to their MPs

By EDDY KAGERA September 21st, 2018 1 min read

Kenyans have turned to the good book for consolation after Members of Parliament endorsed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s memorandum that introduces higher taxes on various goods and services.

Particularly, people have been sharing a bible verse that has a chilling message to lawmakers who make unjust laws.

Isaiah 10: 1-4 says: “Just look at those lawmakers who write evil laws and make life hard for the people. 2They are not fair to the poor. They take away the rights of the poor and allow people to steal from widows and orphans. Lawmakers, you will have to explain what you have done. What will you do then? Your destruction is coming from a faraway country. Where will you run for help? Your money and your riches will not help you. You will have to bow down like a prisoner. You will fall down like a dead man, but that will not help you. God will still be angry and ready to punish you.”


The verse has gone viral on social media where Kenyans are being asked to send it to their MPs.

On Thursday, MPs voted to pass a memorandum that increases taxes on various goods including fuel, kerosene, mobile money, data bundles and phone calls.

A few MPs opposed the memo but were overwhelmed by their counterparts.