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Kenyans are sending respect messages to KDF and it’s beautiful

Kenyans on Twitter spent the better part of Friday sending messages respect to Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers as the force marked the fifth anniversary of Operation Linda Nchi in Somalia.

The gallant soldiers were sent to restore peace in Somalis in October 2011 by then president Mwai Kibaki.

Five years on, the war on Al Shabaab is still on with many soldiers paying the ultimate price.

The worst remains the attack in El Adde in Somalia where the Al Shabaab militants overran a KDF camp killing an unknown number of soldiers in the process.

Meanwhile, in Kenya, the incessant terrorist attacks have dwindled with some Kenyans attributing this to the selflessness of KDF soldiers.

Here are some of the best messages sent to the KDF by Kenyans under the hashtag #KDFDay:

Even Interior Cabinet Secretary weighed in.