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Kenyans no longer keen on sending SMS, Truecaller report reveals

Kenyans are not among the top senders of Short Message Services (SMS’s) as compared to phones users from other countries, caller identification application, Truecaller, has revealed in a new report.

Tanzania and Somalia have been listed as countries whose mobile telephone subscribers used SMS the most and made many calls respectively per user in 2017.

According to the report, users is Chile sent the fewest SMSs while those in Argentina made the least calls.

At the same time, the report shows that among 40 million spammers identified, the biggest chunk originated from Nigeria and India at 38 and 31 million respectively.

The recently introduced messaging component of the application was used to send 639 million texts with the total number of calls made on the Truecaller dialer exceeding 10 billion.

Most calls made during the year were tagged to taxi services, doctors, real estate brokers, telecommunication companies and banks according to the caller identity application.