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Kenyans share frustrations over increased fuel prices

By Amina Wako September 15th, 2021 1 min read

Kenyans have shared their frustration in the wake of a significant increase in the cost of petrol.

The price of this precious commodity hit an all-time high in the country in the wake of an announcement by the Energy Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA).

Via a statement, EPRA announced a litre super petrol would increase by Sh7.58.

Similarly, the cost of diesel has increased Sh7.94 for a litre of diesel, while that of Kerosene has rocketed by Sh12.97.

Thus, Super Petrol, Diesel, and Kerosene will now retail at Sh134.72, Sh115.60, and Sh110.82 per litre, respectively, in Nairobi.

These increased prices could imply that Kenyans will have to dig deeper in their pockets as the cost of electricity, public transport, foodstuff, among many other things, could also increase.

With the economy on the recovery path following a battering caused by Covid-19 more Kenyans are set to feel the pinch.