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Kenyans share their experiences on adopting to wearing face masks

With Covid-19 pandemic still causing havoc in the country, Kenyans have been forced to adapt a new way of life like wearing face masks and maintaining physical and social distance.

But it is the wearing of face masks that Kenyans are still getting used to.

According to a section of netizens wearing face mask seems to be getting in the way of some habitual behaviours.

An online user posted his own experience of when one time he spit into his face mask after forgetting that he had one on.

“The number of times I have spit into my face mask at the urinal because, hey, the brain sometimes forgets that there’s a mask,” the user wrote.

This prompted other to join in the conversation and share their own experiences.

“Mimi nafurahia mask kwa sababu huwa najiongelesha siku hizi inafanya watu wasione hicho kitendo,” wrote another.

“Same aky,” said one online user.

“Heri wewe, mimi niliblow my nose into the mask nikiwa nimeshikilia handkerchief juu ya mask,” commented yet another one.