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Kenyans offer starving Ngirita ‘survival tactics’ worth considering

Kenyans online have lashed out at Anne Wambere Ngirita, one of the accused in the Sh8 billion National Youth Service (NYS) scandal, who complained of starvation in cell.

Ms Ngirita through lawyer Cliff Ombeta told the court during the pre-trial conference on Wednesday that the last time she had a meal was Sunday.

Mr Ombeta wanted the magistrate to order that the suspects be given biscuits and water before the case starts.

Chief Margistrate Douglas Ogoti did not give any directions on the issue. Instead, Mr Ogoti directed that the pre-trial conference proceed.

Online, Kenyans lashed out at the suspect terming her complaints as sideshows in a very important corruption case pitying Sh8 billion.

One user replied to Nairobi News’ tweet on the same writing, “What did she expect. Akule beans na ugali atulie.”

One @Philosopher254 added, “She should be taken to any male prison and her starving will be no more. Riswaaa.”

@gmuthenya replied to NTV’s tweet, “She should even be denied prison food… let her eat the air she was supplying at NYS.”

@kidiavaihuxley tweeted, “The same way we the Kenyan youth are starving huku nje because we are unemployed… starve kabisaaaa; nothing beats experience.”

@Young_Leash10 retorted, “Chukua hewa?️”

@d_nyangena stated, “Let her be even denied prison food, or be charged per plate.”

@1k_right wondered, “Haven’t you eaten enough outside already?!??.”

@PaulKart9 replied, “Na bado, ajifunze kusahau sausages n burgers.”

@awkariuki tweeted, “Learn survival tactics. Exchange wig and make up for food.”

@richard_wahaba added, “Even others “starve”… She is not entitled to special food.”

@Asiago_Nemuel replied, “Oh my… the baby is starving with millions in her account? So sorry. Don’t worry sweetheart, you’ll get accustomed to it. Or you can as well eat the “nothing” you supplied.”