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Kenyans stunned after ‘Prophet’ Owuor is accorded presidential treatment – VIDEO

Kenyans were left stunned after ‘Prophet’ Dr David Owuor of the Repentance Ministries was given presidential treatment during his recent crusade at Uhuru Park in Nairobi on Sunday.

A group of plainclothes security detail threw a human ring around his vehicle as his motorcade of sleek Mercedes Benz cars made its way into the park.

Armed police officers complete with body armour were also part of his security.

Meanwhile, the crowd went hysterical as a man on the public address system announced the ‘prophet’s’ grand entry.


Motorists on his motorcade were harassed to move their cars away and make way for his vehicle, a white Mercedes Benz.

And when it finally squealed to a halt, a man opened its back-left door to let out Owuor who wore his trademark white suit.

He then stepped on the huge red carpet as he made his way to the dias.

The crusade at Uhuru Park attracted thousands of Kenyans, who thronged the park to witness and experience the promised miracles.

Owuor has in the past claimed to have raised a woman from the dead.


But what fascinated Kenyans most was the treatment he was accorded by his security detail, including the officers.

Dan Oyugi Oyugi said: “…. Look @security details, what’ is it for ? If he’s true man of God, himself don’t trust his followers.”

Abdirahman Hassen Mohamed wondered: “Who is this man? I need answer please.”

Mungereza Christeena Mayende said: “This is just sad…..! NKT!”

Sadalto Ondari charged: “How can you refer to a fellow being as my Lord?”