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Why Kenyans have taken sides with tuk tuk driver who attacked police officers

By CHAD KITUNDU November 26th, 2018 2 min read

Kenyans on social media have sided with a tuk tuk driver who was captured in a shocking video clip showed him pelting two traffic police officers with stones.

According to a man who claims he took the video on Saturday the police are the ones who initially acted aggressively after they thought the tuk tuk was attempting to get away after they flagged him down.

“The police smashed his side mirror and when he got out to question their actions, they smashed his windscreen,” the man, who identified himself as Gitau Thabanja, posted.


However, he laments his failure to record the incident from the begin which would have shown that the police where the ones on the wrong.

“I blame the police for starting it. Only that I took the video late, prior to that it was worse.”

The two male police officers were filmed as they engaged in a stone throwing drama with the operator during what appears to have been a routine traffic stop.


In the video clip, taken by a curious motorist, the tuk tuk operator is seen hurling stones at the unarmed traffic police officers who forced to scamper for safety.

Kenyans who watched and shared the video clip praised the operator for defending himself from the police.


SKenyans have no chills for police officers assaulted by tuk tuk driver