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What Kenyans think of Duale’s idea to keep teachers safe from Al-Shabaab threat

Kenyans on Twitter on Sunday weighed in on Majority leader Aden Duale’s suggestion on how to keep teachers safe in the North Eastern region.

Duale. who was visiting Garissa Special School, suggested that non-local teachers be moved to schools near urban centres.

He reasoned that this would ease tensions being witnessed and reduce terror attacks targeting teachers.

His suggestion came in the wake of transfer requests by teachers working in the region. This was after two non-local teachers and aspouse were killed on February 16 when suspected Al-Shabaab militants attacked Qarsa Primary School in Wajir County.

The Teachers Service Commission transferred some of the non-local teachers provoking protests from political leaders.

Duale over the weekend claimed that the decision by the commission was discriminatory and a violation of rights of students and residents who pay taxes.

His tweet suggesting that teachers be moved to schools closer to urban centres elicited mixed reactions among KOT.

@odera_jnr_ replied, “Seek Security expertise… Pooling a target to one centre makes them more vulnerable to be held hostage n easily attacked same time it makes it easier to secure them which won’t be possible in this case anyway!”

@KipkorirSamson6 added, “Am a teacher in Mandera and for real moving them near the towns doesn’t guarantee security. I live near Mandera police headquarters, barely 300m but I have witnessed killings in the adjacent plots. In fact during those moments police have been stationed in every corner.”

@pikbert stated, “But the best is to let them go what they want is to be far from those areas…there is no need to burry our heads in the sand and believe that even moving them near the towns they will be safe.”

@Alangomagoro commented, “The solution is not moving these non-locals near urban areas. The solution is changing the attitude of the local people towards non-locals. Open discrimination and being called Kafir, madhomadho, awit and even physical violence are things that you must address.”