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Kenyans to pay more as fuel price continues to rise

It’s more pain to Kenyans as the Energy Regulatory Commission announced new fuel pump prices on Tuesday

In its latest price review, ERC said the cost of a liter of super petrol will up by Sh5.43, diesel increases by Sh2.24 and a liter of kerosene will goe up by Sh2.40.

The new fuel prices take effect on Tuesday midnight and will be in force until June 15, 2019.

According to ERC, the changes in this month’s prices have been as a consequence of the average landed cost of imported Super Petrol increasing by 11.39% from US$ 620.54 per ton in March 2019 to US$ 691.25 per ton in April 2019.

“The average landed cost of imported Diesel increased by 2.75% from US$ 624.51 per ton to US$ 641.67 per ton and Kerosene increased by 2.00% from US$ 662.55 per ton to US$ 675.82 per ton,” said ERC.

Last month, the energy regulator had increased the price of petrol, diesel and kerosene in Nairobi by Sh5.25, Sh5.52 and Sh2.76 per litre respectively.

In March, the price of petrol went up by Sh1.26, diesel increased by Sh0.65 and kerosene was up by Sh2.96 per litre.

The pump prices are inclusive of 8 per cent VAT in line with the provisions of the Finance Act, 2018.