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Kenyans to pay more to watch English Premier League matches in ‘Vibanda’

Kenyans will now have to pay more to watch European football matches at designated local joints, commonly referred to as vibanda.

This follows an increase in viewing prices by the vibanda owners.

A spot check by Nairobi News in South B, Imara Daima, Pipeline and Doonholm estates shows that most entertainment joints in Nairobi charged Sh70 for Kenyans who wished to watch the UEFA Champions League semi-final match pitting Manchester City and Real Madrid from the Etihad stadium.

This constitues a 25% to 30% increase.

The prices for watching a European match have in the past ranged between Sh30 and Sh50.

Nairobi News spoke to the entertainment joint owners who said the increased prices were forced upon them by the cost of living.

“The price of everything has gone up,” Elias Mukwana, an attendant at one of the joints told Nairobi News told us.

“Rent for this joint used to be Sh6000 a month, that has increased by Sh4000. Power bill has shoot up by almost double. We also have to pay DSTV and security.”

Manchester City defeated defending champions Real Madrid 4-0 on the night, and 5-1 on aggregate to cruise into the final of the UEFA Champions League.

European football is arguably the most popular sport in Kenya.

Kenyans are known to throng pubs and entertainment joints to watch and cheer their favourite teams during matches broadcast across the satelitte TV.

Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea are statisically the most supported teams in Kenya with the English Premier League the most watched league by Kenyans.

Besides watching football, Kenyans have had to dig deeper in their pockets in search of survival following the increase in prizes of most commodities.

Among the goods and services who prices have increased in recent times include fuel, electricity, maize flour, sugar and salt.

President William Ruto has acknowledged the increase and promised that his government is working round the clock to lower the cost of living.

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