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Kenyans top graduates list at TikTok’s Africa Creator Hub

TikTok carefully selected content creators for its Africa Creator Hub and took them through an eight-week intensive course on how they could hone their content creation abilities, access career-building resources, and network with top industry leaders.

In addition, these selected creators were also able to interact, collaborate and build a community of like minds with their fellow TikTok content creators.

According to a statement from TikTok Africa, Kenyans shone during this inaugural incubator program which had been developed in partnership with Wowzi, one of Africa’s premier creator platforms that develop globally relevant solutions to power Africa’s rapidly expanding creator economy.

“This incubator program is designed to help emerging creators from Sub-Saharan Africa hone their digital skill sets and turn their creativity into a sustainable career on the world’s fastest-growing entertainment platform,” read the statement from TikTok Africa.

The inaugural graduates in this historic hub were selected from various countries. Boniswa Sidwaba, the  Head of Content Programming in Sub-Saharan Africa said that Kenya is a creative, vibrant, and multicultural country and they noted that Kenyan content creators display great potential and express their creativity on TikTok.

Having piloted this project in South Africa, Rising Voices in 2021, we saw a great opportunity to extend it to other markets. We want to grow the Africa Creator Hub footprint throughout Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), and we plan to use the insights gained from this edition to do that. TikTok is committed to empowering creators from all backgrounds and providing them with the tools and support they need to succeed. “Congratulations to all our Africa Creative Hub graduates! By upskilling and supporting young people with enhanced digital skills, we are equipping them for personal success and creating a more vibrant, inclusive and creative community” added Ms Boniswa Sidwaba.

Adeyemi Eugene says, one of the Hub’s graduates said, “My experience at the Africa Creator Hub was inspirational; the culture and people were great and my digital content creation skills and business sense for new opportunities improved. In the process, I’ve learnt so much about myself and how I can share my content with the TikTok community.”

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