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Kenyans troll Pastor Ng’ang’a for bad English

By MERCY NJOKI August 11th, 2015 1 min read

When Pastor James Ng’ang’a appeared on Citizen Television for an interview, many people were glued on TV to hear his side of the story. But many got more than they bargained for.

Apostle Ng’ang’a is accused to have been driving a Range Rover that was involved in a fatal accident leaving one person dead and another badly injured, an allegation he has since denied.

Apparently, the now infamous pastor struggled to construct sentences in English, a thing that did not sit well with grammar ‘Nazis’. As expected, they took to social media to make jibes over the interview.

During the awkward interview, the pastor used ungrammatical sentences such as “you journalisms (you journalists), I wasn’t drunkards (I was not drunk) and I wented there (I went there).

To be fair though, the pastor did not go through the formal school system –he instead waltzed through adult education- but that did not stop 8-4-4 educated tweeps from trolling him.

A Twitter user, @Djsoxxy tweeted “Someone is asking if pastor Nganga has an English service in church”, while @Joyshiru said “Pastor Nganga atasema ‘That wasn’t broken English It’s the old testament English.”

Another user, @MediaMK, tweeted “Pastor Nganga is probably regretting not bringing his guy for ‘kutafsiri‘ this gethongo is gorra be hard like mukimo wa njahi.”

On Facebook, Mswati George posted: “am shocked… huyu pastor Nganga was NENO can hardly speak ANY ENGLISH.”

Collins Okello added, “ I know my English is terrible but what language is Nganga speaking?”

“So, Pastor Nganga was involved in another accident last night this time ‘Killing English’ @mucyCarlos tweeted.

“The new word in town NGANGANA Kujieleza , @ Pastor Nganga things,” @Silverafrica tweeted.