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Kenyans turn down KNH’s donations plea for construction of Sh430m cancer hostel

No, we are not contributing to the construction of a cancer hostel at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

That seems to be the unanimous verdict of Kenyans on social media following the referral hospital’s plea to the public for help to construct the facility to accommodate cancer patients.

On Tuesday, in a statement put on their social media pages, the taxpayer-funded hospital appealed to Kenyans of goodwill to help them raise money through an M-Pesa paybill number.

This despite top Ministry of Health officials having implicated in the theft of more than Sh5 billion in an NYS-style mega corruption scandal involving diversion of funds, double payment for goods, and manipulation of the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMIS) three years ago.

According to KNH, the project will be the first of its kind in Kenya and it involves the construction of accommodation facility (hostel) for cancer patients undergoing outpatient treatment at a cost of Sh230 million and establishment of an endowment fund of Sh200 million to support its operations.

The project entails construction of a three-floored building with capacity of 140 patients, a day respite area, a cancer resource centre, a restaurant and other support services.


Kenyans received the appeal skeptically with the majority pointing out that KNH is a parastatals and the government should fund everything.

“Kenyans fear telling the truth. Considering the amount we lost through Corruption, I call as well name this call by Kenyatta National Hospital a serious scam to the public. Before we donate our money, let them recover the public funds stolen by politicians and use it to do so. Otherwise, if we donate this then no paying tax,” said David Ochola.

“I know we should really do this but first the allocation money given to the ministry of health ni ya nini?” Julie Jemutai Cheruiyot said.

“This is a national hospital why can’t the government come in and provide the resources required if they really mean what they say concerning universal health for all?? This is a very small budget,” Livingstone Patrick Ndongu commented.

“Taking our generosity too far. That is pocket change to MoH and we must not get overburdened for nothing,” Obonyo Mbas Chuo wrote.

“Most of us would have contributed. I just don’t trust the level of corruption in Kenya. I’m afraid that my little contribution would end up in someone’s pocket. Our leaders steal day and night. Money that is enough to build a million of such facilities,” added Walter Omondi.

The same sentiments were shared on Twitter.