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Kenyans unload bottled anger against Jubilee on hapless census enumerators

Frustrated Kenyans who are angry with the Jubilee government because of various reasons have found a release: The hapless enumerators of the ongoing 2019 national census.

So far, there have been reports of Kenyans arrested for simply kicking out the enumerators while others have shared pictures of their families partaking of meals during the exercise as the enumerators watch.

In one of the most brazen attack on the enumerators, a woman in Juja, Kiambu County, was arrested for obstructing census officials and lying.

Police officers on Sunday arrested Nelly Kinja, a tenant at Joyland estate in Juja, for blocking enumerators from counting her, using vulgar language and lying.

Ms Kinja, according to a police report, purported to be the landlady and told the enumerators, who were accompanied by an area elder, that she would not be enumerated as the government has overburdened her through payments of land rates.


In another instance, a man complained that all his neighbours were hostile towards an enumerator, who inferred that the Kenyans were releasing bottled frustration.

The 2019 National Census exercise kicked off on Saturday amid threats of arrests if you give false information.

Kenyans are angry at the Jubilee government particularly over broken promises and a shrinking economy.

The exercise, which will end on August 31, has not go as smooth as the last one in 2009 when the government, after the first 24 hours, announced that 70 percent of the population had already been enumerated.

Those frustrated have been camping on social media to express some of their fears and concerns about the process.

Here are a few: