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Why Kenyans want Kivutha Kibwana to be the next president

By PETER MBURU September 5th, 2018 2 min read

Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana has won the hearts and minds of Kenyans with his gestures of humility and dedication to public service.

Many Kenyans now think he will be the ideal presidential candidate in the 2022 general elections.

The outpour of support was sparked by a photo of the governor kneeling on grass with nursery school children and appearing to guide them through learning.

Kenyans flocked on the governor’s Facebook page and called on him to vie for the top seat in 2022.

Some users went ahead to declare that if he does not express interest, he should be coerced to do so in the interest of Kenyans.

Calls to join presidential race

“I think Kenya should make this man a president. Very humble, down to earth and in touch with mwananch,” wrote Kimondio Musyoki.

Festus Kinai said; “This Man has always made me to think that we have few leaders and many busybodies in positions of leadership !!”

Masita Atinda stated; “This Governor should be forced to be the president even if he declines.”

“I think Kenya shud b led by an humble man of this kind. Sometimes back I saw him carrying a bby in his back. I wish you could vie for presidency,” posted Jomo Amoh.

Jefrito Ibn Jeefar said; “Good work sir, you are the kind of leader kenyans want please vie for the top seat coming 2022, no one has the capacity to compete with you.”

Watson Junior promised the governor support for the high most seat “ Kivutha Kibwana Your Leadership should be OF the whole country….I mean “PRESIDENT OF REPUBLIC OF KENYA” If you don’t mind would you please run for it 2022. Me and other Millions of kenyans 100% and my village interior from Kisii Land sure will vote for you.”

Others wished even better things

“Governor Kivutha should get a Nobel prize for his humility,service to his people and even go into the Guinness book of records as his nature is out of this world…!I’m so proud of you my governor…!!” stated Alex Nzioki.

Concluding, Bee Masters Peace noted “this man has all the Brain of all 47 governors plus cabinet secretaries in head. This is God sent. Lord, may you BLESS this Governor Kivutha Kibwana in Jesus Name, Amen.”