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Kenyans have noticed something weird with CS Rotich’s trousers

Kenyans have made an observation on Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich’s trouser that he wore for his meeting with the president at State House, Mombasa on Friday.

Rotich’s beige trouser drew attention during his subsequent appearance at President Uhuru Kenyatta’s media briefing on maize prices and payment of sugar cane farmers.

His choice of a buggy trouser, predominantly worn three decades ago, attracted the attention of netizens.

Not even the good message that came from the briefing on the price of unga could make the tweeps stop focusing on Rotich’s trouser.

Julie commented; “Hii trouser ya Rotich isioshwe na maji moto tena.”

Amigo added; “Hio trao ya Rotich angeweka Avae akiwa mkubwa maze.”

Toil wrote; “Hio trouser ya Rotich ni XXL design inaeza tengenezea a skinny nigga three piece suit na ibaki material ya kutengeneza short ya khaki???.”

Sammy stated; “Hio trou ya Rotich bana haha…mpee pano kiongos.”

Kevin wrote; “@ukenyatta cs rotich trouser is out of budget.”