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Here is the #JuliusMalemaChallenge: It’s witty, provocative and humurous

Fiery South African MP Julius Malema has become a trending topic among Kenyans following his powerful speech during the funeral of former of Anti-apartheid icon Winnie Mandela in Soweto in Saturday.

In his now famous speech, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters party and former President of the African National Congress Youth League spoke fondly of the departed 81-year-old liberation hero.

He repeatedly punctuated his speech – to great effect – with calls to Mama Winnie to “show (give) a sign/signal” to South Africans concerning issues which he sought answers to.


One line in Malema’s speech which seems to have particularly struck a chord with most Kenyans is when he went bare knuckled on the United Democratic Front (UDF).

“Equally big Mama, some of those who sold you to the regime are here! They are crying louder than all of us who cared for you. Mama the UDF cabal is here! The cabal that rejected and distance itself from you! They are crying crocodile tears after disowning you at a critical moment hoping the regime will finish off,” Malema said.

True to character, Kenyans on social media have since picked up the punchline for comic relief in what has been trending under the hashtag  #JuliusMalemaChallenge.