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Kenyans wondering why Maina Kamanda went to study airport security in the US

Kenyan netizens are livid questioning why Starehe Member of Parliament Maina Kamanda was sent to Atlanta Airport on a fact-finding mission, while other African countries sent technocrats.

Mr Kamanda was part of the delegation shown on CNN’s Marketplace Africa.

But while others were interviewed and their comments aired on the cable network, he remained silent all through.

The curious turn of events was discovered by hawk-eyed Kenyans who were following the programme on CNN on Monday night.

Collins, a Kenyan Facebook user, quipped: “I’m watching one of my favorite programs on TV; CNN Market place Africa. On this episode, airport managers from Africa travellled to Atlanta Airport in the US to learn ways to secure airports, harmonise operations and make their airports desirable for business. All the countries are represented by top technocrats from their airports authorities. Except Kenya. Which, for God knows what reason, is represented by Maina Kamanda!”

On the same thread, Julia, another Facebook user, agreed: “I watched it and wondered what Maina Kamanda was doing there. For a moment I thought maybe he was just part of a Kenyan team that included Kenyan technocrats until I realised he was the only one from Kenya. He looked lost in the crowd. The representatives from other countries sounded well versed on matters airport operations, airport security et all. I have a feeling he was interviewed but he probably sounded too uninformed that his part had to be left out while editing the program.”

Twitter user Vincent Chepkwony took screenshots of the comments and Kenyans on Twitter could not cope.

Is that why KQ’s FY results graph is below the x-axis?

Nailed it.

Some could not believe it.

Some called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to rescue the situation.

Calm down, people. He is the chairman of Transport committee in the National Assembly.