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Is this Kenya’s most awkward marriage proposal?

A bachelor has shocked Kenyan netizens with what is arguably the most tactless marriage proposal in the social media age.

Thirty two year-old Johnson Oronga from Ahero has outlined the qualities of his envisaged wife material in a poster that was glued on an electricity pole.

The poster was outrageously titled  ‘Vacancy for Ladies’. A photograph of the poster has since goon viral on the internet.

In it, Mr Oronga introduces himself as a young, born-again Christian, who earns a living through farming and business.

“This is to inform you that there exists a vacancy for a young beautiful lady who is looking, willing and committed to settle down and begin a family,” reads the poorly edited poster.

Qualifications for the vacancy include being “between the age of 19-25, must not be a single mother, be of good health, be willing to run a business and engage in farming activities, should be decent, responsible and presentable.”

Interested parties must submit their curriculum vitae by March 30, 2017.

Mr Oronga told Nairobi News that this is his first attempt at getting married.

He later added: “We cannot talk now, I am busy conducting interviews. There is a lot of interest by the way.”