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Here are Kenya’s biggest losers of the year

By DAVID KWALIMWA December 31st, 2017 2 min read

The year 2017 is one that some prominent Kenyans will want to forget quickly for the massive failures it brought upon them. Here are some of these personalities:

1. Raila Odinga – Take it or leave it, the Nasa leader’s decision not to boycott the repeat presidential election of October 26 has cost him dearly. President Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the winner despite dismal voter turnout in an exercise that was marred by violence and loss of life in the opposition strongholds.

The Supreme Court however validated the exercise and the incumbent duly was sworn in on November 28 at a jammed packed ceremony in Kasarani Stadium.

Odinga’s effort to hold a political rally on the same day at Jacaranda grounds were however scuttled by brute police force and a planned swearing in ceremony of the Nasa boss and his running mate Kalonzo Musyoka on December 12 inexplicably shelved at the eleventh hour.

Odinga’s political future now looks very bleak.

2. William Kabogo – His political downfall has been traced to some statements he made in 2016, to the effect that Deputy President William Ruto was not guaranteed Central Kenya votes come 2022 when he expected to contests for the presidency.

Consequently, the wealthy and powerful politician was subjected to two humiliating defeats to Ferdinand Waititu in his bid to be re-elected as Kiambu governor.

Kabogo however seemed to have read the signs of the time early enough and graciously conceded defeat long before vote counting concluded in the August 8 general election. He has since retreated to leading a private life, occasionally sharing inspirational quotes.

3. The boy child – This has indeed been a year to forget for the Kenyan boy child. From getting thrashed by the erstwhile disadvantaged girl child in both the KCPE and KCSE examinations to dwindling opportunities in life, these are really tough times for the boy child.

Little wonder, the self-proclaimed boy child saviour Cyprian Nyakundi found relevance. But this is a story for another day.

4. Rachel Shebesh – Her failed efforts to retain the Nairobi Women Rep seat seems to have really deflated her. The resounding loss to Esther Passaris on August 8 was further aggravated by a mysterious incident that occurred at her home which left her husband nursing two bullet wounds. With these trail of misfortunes, one begins to get the full picture of Shebesh’s predicament.

5. Jemima Sumgong – Marathoner Jemima Sumgong worked hard (or did she?) to win the Olympics title at Rio de Janeiro game in 2016 and become the first Kenyan woman to win the 42km event. But all that was undone in November 2017 when she was banned for four years after returning a positive test for a banned blood booster.

The athlete told a Kenyan law court she was given the banned substance in hospital, but her paperwork was deemed to have been provided by an ‘imposter’ and her claims labelled as ‘not authentic’.

She also claimed her husband did not know about her pregnancy owing to the ‘taboo’ surrounding the condition. The length of the ban implies that she is unlikely to mend her wrongdoings at the 2020 Tokyo Games.