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Kenya’s ‘Spy Queen’ Jane Mugo responds to ‘haters’ after viral BBC documentary

By Thomas Matiko January 26th, 2021 1 min read

Kenyan private investigator Jane Mugo nicknamed ‘Jane Bond’ has responded to online trolls following a BBC Africa documentary dubbed ‘Spy Queen’ that showcased her life and career.

‘Spy Queen’ caused laughter and anger in equal measure as Kenyans on social media blasted BBC Africa for what they felt was being taken for a ride by airing the piece filled with theatrics.

After trending on social media since Monday when the story aired on Youtube, Ms Mugo came out guns blazing saying online “haters” are jealous of the fame she has gained due to her work.

“Idlers, haters who have never appeared on local radio station or their village limelight, they cannot show us what they have done in their village, struggling to put food on the table yet jealous souls,” she said during on an interview with Masawe Jappani on Radio Jambo.

The poised private investigator went on to point out that she ought to be celebrated by all for what she says is having excelled in a male-dominated field.

“Nobody is speaking about my training or my range. I pray you stay longer to witness my blessing. While the world is congratulating me for winning in a male dominated job, I was some cheap desperate bloggers vomiting hatred looking for cheap publicity,” she added.