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Kericho Horror: Man drinks in bar with wife’s lifeless body in parked car

A domestic dispute in Kericho escalated to horror when a man, identified as Cornel Ochieng, allegedly stabbed his wife, Vivian Atieno, to death.

The distressing incident unfolded at Workshop estate, located at James Finlays Tea Company on the outskirts of Kericho town.

On the pretext of seeking medical attention for his injured wife, Ochieng placed Atieno in the passenger seat of his vehicle and drove approximately 10 kilometers to a local bar.

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Shockingly, he parked the blood-soaked vehicle by the roadside and proceeded to order drinks at a nearby pub.

The disturbing episode came to light when concerned boda boda riders noticed Ochieng, visibly disoriented and stained with blood, placing an order at the local pub.

A member of the public promptly reported the suspicious scene at Kapsoit trading center in Ainamoi constituency, along the Kericho-Kisumu highway, on a Sunday night during the first week of the 16 days of activism against Gender-Based Violence.

Responding to the report, the police found Ochieng in the driver’s seat and, upon inspection, discovered an unconscious woman with serious injuries in the car.

Ochieng admitted to a physical altercation with his wife within the Finlays Tea Company estate, where he worked as a technician.

The victim was rushed to Kericho County Referral Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival, her body subsequently placed in the hospital morgue for preservation pending a postmortem examination.

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Belgut Sub County Police Commander, Mr Charles Kibati, confirmed that Ochieng was taken into custody, and investigations were initiated to determine the cause of the fatal altercation.

The police have impounded the blood-stained vehicle used to transport the victim as part of their ongoing investigation.

Independent inquiries revealed that the couple had been embroiled in months-long conflicts for undisclosed reasons.

Witnesses disclosed that an earlier altercation resulted in the woman attacking her intoxicated husband with a kitchen knife.

In response, Ochieng overpowered her and allegedly stabbed her repeatedly in the presence of their young children.

Disturbingly, Ochieng did not seek medical attention for his wife after realising she was dead.

Instead, he drove through Kericho town to Kapsoit on the Kisumu-Kericho highway, where he parked the car and entered a local pub.

Boda boda operators, noticing blood stains on Ochieng’s hands and clothes, confronted him. Despite his claim of being involved in an accident, further scrutiny revealed the absence of dents on the vehicle and the presence of an unconscious, bleeding woman.

The police were alerted, preventing Ochieng from leaving the scene, and subsequently taking him into custody after a confrontation at the local pub.

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