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Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai officially adopts hubby Ben Pol’s Surname

Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai has officially adopted her Tanzanian husband Ben Pol’s surname on her Instagram account.

Anerlisa, who got married to Ben Pol in Tanzania in May has added Mnyang’anga to her name.

Now her official name on Instagram reads Anerlisa Muigai Mnyang’anga, putting to bed all rumours about their marriage being on the rocks.

She went on to clarify on the description section of her account that she is Ben Pol’s wife.

The couple had been rumoured on various occasions to be having marital issues, with Anerlisa last year controversially deleting all of Ben pol’s pictures from her Instagram timeline.

However, in a recent interview she denied the rumours saying they have never parted ways since they started dating back in 2018.

“Hatujawahi kuachana wala kupeana likizo hata siku moja tangu tuanze mahusiano. Yale yalikuwa ni maneno ya kutengenezwa na watu wasiotujua vizuri wala mahusiano yetu,” Anerlisa explained.

She has reaffirmed her commitment to her marriage vows posting “till death do us apart” in a post on her Instagram page.

“With my best friend Ben Pol. One thing though you can be sure about is that only death will separate us. Upuzi hamna tena,” wrote Anerliza Muigai.