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Keroche heiress reveals strained relationship with Tanzanian in-laws

The relationship between Keroche breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai and her former inlaws in Tanzania appears to have hit rock bottom.

Muigai, who is known to solve most of his problems in public, recently claimed on Twitter that her ex-in-laws were abusing her, with some claiming she was ‘old’.

Despite the setback, Muigai maintains she harbors no grudges against them.

“Tanzanians always like to abuse me and call me old, but I let that pass because one day I would like them to support our business. #StillGotLoveForYouAll,” wrote Anerlisa on her Instagram stories.

Anerlisa separated with her Tanzanian beaux singer Bernard Paul Mnyang’anga alias Ben Pol. She (Anerlisa) was the first to talk about the woes that have been going on in their marriage with a cryptic message on social media hinting that the two were going their separate ways.

She also dropped Ben Pol’s official name “Mnyang’anga” from her social media platforms where she used to identify herself as “Anerlisa Muigai Mnyang’anga”.

However, Ben Pol during an interview with Tanzanian media later confirmed he’d filed for divorce.

He did not reveal the main reason behind the divorce.

The two got married in 2019 in a private invite-only ceremony held in Tanzania. Before that, they’d held a traditional wedding in Nairobi where Ben Pol met Anerlisa’s parents and was introduced to the family.