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Keroche heiress taken to court for unpaid Sh19m loan

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai is being sued for Sh19,911,773 loaned to her by a shylock in 2015.

The shylock Denis Mwangeka in suit papers quoted by Nairobian stated that Anerlisa was loaned Sh13million and gave her mother’s Range Rover and Audi cars as security.

In her response, Anerlisa admits to borrowing money from Mwangeka on different dates but said that the interest charged was illegal and that the man she borrowed on his behalf, her then boyfriend Ben Kangangi, should pay.

Suit papers drawn by Kuloba and Wangila Advocates state:

“The defendant approached the plaintiff on diverse dates in the month of September 2015 executing three loan agreements at diverse times, borrowed a total of 13,000,000 from the plaintiff. Annerlisa gave the plaintiff a vehicle, Range Rover Evoque, KBU 509R and Audi Q7KBX 888N as security for the loans. As the debt remained outstanding, the plaintiff received a phone call from the police flying squad summoning him to go to the police station as the vehicle being held in lieu of the loans were stolen from the defendants mother, Tabitha Karanja of Keroche Industries.”


The Nairobian further reported that the papers broke down the loans as having been “taken on September 9, 2015 as Sh 5,500,000 which has now accrued interest totaling Sh 8,873,578, on September 16, 2015 she took Sh 4,200,00 which has now reached Sh6,160,854 and on September 24, 2015 she borrowed, Sh 3,300,000 which now remains outstanding at Sh4,877,854. Mwangeka had stopped charging interest on the loans on January 16, 2016.”

The lawyers also stated that Anerlisa on October 30 2015 gave cheques worth Sh 4,410,00 to Mwangeka which all bounced and has not been picking the shylock’s calls.

Anerlisa’s response by her lawyers Mungu, Kimetto and Company Advocates stated that “the interest charged on the said loans is illegal, oppressive and extortionist and therefore unenforceable. The defendant further states that the loan was borrowed on behalf of one Ben Kangangi. The said Kangangi is the principal debtor and the defendant is not liable to the plaintiff for the sums claimed and therefore does not owe any other amount.”

Kangangi told Nairobian that “he dated Anerlisa at the time but never received the money adding that Anerlisa was conned by some wash wash people.”